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The hex address format will appear in the form of 3FFE: B0:2:: C for example.MAC Addressing - Also known as hardware address or ethernet address, A MAC address is a unique code assigned to most networking hardware.Instead, by using classless addressing 1.0/24 puts these systems on a different network than 1.0/24 because the network names here are 1 and 1 which are different.NAT - NAT stands for Network Address Translation and is a commonly used IP translation and mapping technology.Classful versus Classless addressing the original TCP/IP addressing method described above was called classful addressing which worked by dividing the IP address space into chunks of different sizes called classes.Classless addressing is referred to as Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) and is done by allocating address space to Internet service providers and end users on any address bit boundary, instead of on 8-bit segments.

This new addressing scheme utilizes a 128 bit address (instead of 32) and utilizes a hex numbering method in order to avoid long addresses such as 1..

So 1.0 does not have to use the standard subnet mask of which makes a Class B address space and which also puts it on the same network as 1.0 using the subnet mask of

(With classful addressing, our example has 172.16 as the network name and the 50.0 and 51.0 ranges are both part of the same host naming convention).

Using a device (such as a router) or piece of software that implements NAT allows an entire home or office network to share a single internet connection over a single IP address.

A single cable modem, DSL modem, or even 56k modem could connect all the computers to the internet simultaneously.

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