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How might TS girls sort out regular guys from typical admirers? After all, TS girls have to deal with more than their share of flakes.

Genetic girls (GG's) don't have legions of stand-offish men lusting after them, who will only prove willing to admire from a distance, or willing to be with them only out of the view of others.

The willingness to treat the girl as a woman, not as a sexual curiosity to be played with only in a dark corner, out of view. Why risk getting all dressed up and blowing a whole Saturday night for someone who might chicken out?

The potential boyfriend is confident in his sexuality, is willing to show up for a date, is willing to be seen with her in public and around his friends and/or family. For that first date, and as a simple but effective test, it might be more practical to risk just an hour in the afternoon instead.

Chat monitors are necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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As one pointed out, an admirer is definitely not someone looking for a girl who has had, or plans to have, sexual reassignment surgery."I believe that guys like being with a pre-op because they can explore what it's like with another penis, and justify it because she looks like a woman," said one TS.Listed below are a selection of transvestites/transexuals who are genuine swingers.Click on the thumbnails or member name to view the complete profile.Tyler has been wonderful with us and so non-intrusive in the office and operatories with patients. I’ll try to remove some of the mystique about these beautiful, exotic transsexuals.

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