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He explained how, “Sex has the capacity to camouflage an endless list of of relational deficiencies and dysfunctions.” (You have to read the story on Page 148 about a single’s complicated sex life!

) He explains how many people use sex as a litmus test for a relationship.

Andy is a pastor who has been in a successful marriage for years.

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This is not simply a book for people who want to get married; it is for anyone who wants to have successful, long term relationships.The author does a great job of explaining how, instead of sex, we need to focus on our own actions and prepare to be in a committed relationship.He explains, “Becoming the right person is how you prepare to commit.” Throughout the rest of the book is an explanation of how to do just that.We say we are compatible with someone when we are sexually compatible.However, Stanley explains how this can lead to complications in a relationship or even a future marriage.

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