Pa state laws on dating

The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties: it tells the state (gov't) to let people alone; it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and order" (Dial 911 and Die! This has been so ever since the Constitution was adopted in 1791.As a result, the framers of the Second Amendment deliberately created (guaranteed) an individual civil right to be armed.

It gave Hitler's Nazi party a stranglehold on the Germans, many of whom did not support the Nazis.

Are you tired of giving hard earned bucks to efforts that have at best only slowed the gun grabbers' push toward firearms registration and confiscation?

If you have had enough of death by a thousand cuts, you are ready to take action to wipe out "gun control" -- now. The Gestapo (Nazi National Secret Police) enforced it.

We focused on those whose bills became part of GCA ’68.

GCA ’68 as enacted closely tracks proposals dating to August 1963.

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