Geek dating flowchart

2) Accept the fact that dating comes with some natural awkwardness.Gone are the days in school when dating just meant hanging out in someone's dorm or near her locker. " If you get this response, skip straight to Step 9. She may show the body language of a "Yes" but actually say that she already has plans for that day. All signs show she wants to say no to the date, not because she's busy but because she doesn't think she likes you, and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Super suave move of the century after getting an unenthusiastic response to your date: Pause, waiting patiently. If she is veering into " No," say these words as nicely as possible: "I'm sorry. I just thought we might have fun going out, but maybe you just think of me as a friend.If you really, really like her and want to see her again, you should ask her out at the end of your date.But if you forgot to do that, call the next day and tell her you had a great time and ask if she's available for dinner/movie/whatever next Saturday.If you are not used to this because you are shy, adjust yourself to the fact that you must change your ways or continue to play Quake II on Saturday nights.If you are not used to being the pursuer because women come to you, why are you reading this?

In the ongoing battle between geek and nerd, one must take sides, but how can this be done without a solid argument for both personas?I was totally hipped to these vintage comic book style STDs via Neatorama.They're made by Etsy shop Team Welser and they're pretty incredible.That's why I'm all about these nerdy Save the Dates, the perfect way to say "this event is going to be nerdier than a pair of XKCD ten-sided die." Seriously, we've got save-the-dates for book worms, sci-fi nerds, gamer geeks, comic book nerds, etc. Control Save the date with these computer key board Save the Dates from a master of nerdy wedding invites Dynamic Weddings. (From Tribe member only1genevieve.) Okay, so these are invitations, but I'm including them anyway.Plus the little heart-shaped controller buttons make me happy.

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