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Setting wise boundaries in dating becomes more important as two people feel more attracted to one another, especially when they’re opposites in personality.

However, one reason people are initially drawn to an individual with opposite traits is a pretty healthy one.

It is much better to go to non-dating relationships in order to mature and grow with the tutelage of others who have what you are working on possessing.

What does a relationship look like in which two people are opposite, but both are taking ownership of their lives? Each person is dealing with his own problems as his. It isn’t the other’s failure if we fail in an area that we aren’t strong in. Both members love and appreciate the gifts and abilities of the other person.

It is that we are drawn to those who possess what we do not, so that we can internalize and own that trait for ourselves.

This is a good thing, as that is how God designed the growth process. She was good at caring and connecting with others, but she had a hard time with assertiveness and conflict.

He even confronted her mother on how she used guilt to get Lindsey to make inopportune visits.

Finally, the confrontational Alex sat Lindsey down for their own confrontation.

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He talked to her boss about her weekend work hours.

It’s always unexpected and almost never at a convenient point in our lives, but she appears nonetheless and changes your life forever.

The dynamics between man and woman have been gradually changing for the past few decades, but the essence of the partnership basically remains the same.

We should use and appreciate the abilities of those who have what we don’t.

However, the danger occurs when we make opposing styles or abilities a basis for relating to one another. You are stimulated by the other’s different point of view.

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