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The use of the physiological measures were found to be less appropriate for assessing dental fear in children[5] for several reasons: the standard normal reading for children will vary and depend on age of the child; the results of these measures could be overlapped with current medical problems; the requirement of knowledge and training on how to use these equipments; wrong results by faulty machines; it is not available in all dental clinics; the practicality of using it in terms of cost, time, maintenance and a space in the clinic; last but not least.

It is not appropriate to be used for children of all age groups; and (3) the self reported measures, which is what the patient says about his/her fear via direct report or scaling, interview, or inventory[6,7].

Anxiety may occur without cause, or it may be based on a real situation that leads to a reaction that is out of proportion to what would normally be expected.

Severe anxiety can have a serious impact on daily life and effect quality of life and its different dimensions, such as speaking, eating, and appearance, and through these also social intercourse[2].

This may not be the case in preschool children; the ability of the young children may not be fully developed and they tend to report more fears regardless of the situation and more likely to show anxiety at separation from the parent.

For those young children, the use of the behavioral measures is the best option[8].

Children dental anxiety has been a matter of concern for many years but despite this the etiology is still not entirely understood[1].

See: To validate the Arabic version of abeer children dental anxiety scale.

METHODS: Two ethical approvals for this study were obtained from United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Health and Dubai Health Authority; reference number: 2011/57.

The differences in scoring could depend on the time of the appointment, the experience, the temperament, the age, and the gender of the dentist.

Hence, the reliability of these measures will not be strong enough if they are used for research purposes.

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