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That's kind of a tough one for us to swallow (so to speak), but it is a reproductively sound strategy. Like in the water strider, males have evolved these crazy structures that fit around eyeballs of the females to keep them in place, and the females have these anti-grasping spring things that they can use to spring males off when they're trying to have sex with them.LS: Many species appear to engage in a type of "arms race" when it comes to sex, with female behavior or biology thwarting male advances, and male strategies and anatomy trying to work around that. We assume as biologists that animals ultimately want to maximize biological fitness, in terms of getting their genetics to the next generation.Taking the male role is more favorable because it's less work, so these sexual encounters tend to become extremely violent.LS: What about spider and insect species where males are cannibalized by females during sex?From bugs to mammals and everything in between, this sets the scene for violence, conflict and war. It's very much, "I've evolved these structures to torture you and hold you down so I can have sex with you." LS: What are some of the risks that animals in certain species face during sex?Bondar: Bedbugs and some of the nudibranch species use what is aptly termed traumatic insemination, because it literally is a stab wound to the female's body.Recently, Bondar spoke with Live Science about the unusual sexual behaviors and equipment used by humans' closest relatives and most distant cousins on the tree of life, and what people's interest in animal sex reveals about them.[Live Science Book Giveaway: ' Wild Sex' by Carin Bondar] (This Q&A has been edited for length and clarity.) Live Science: What was it about sex in the animal kingdom that first attracted your attention as a biologist?

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Sometimes they can fertilize themselves, but often they need an actual partner.If I let any man fertilize me willy-nilly (pun very much intended), I'm jeopardizing my own biological fitness, because that's a huge commitment for me.I'm doing this huge thing in my body for the embryo.Bondar: Ironically, it happened when I was at home enjoying the young products of my own sexual activity — my children.I started blogging, and though I didn't just focus on sexual topics, I noticed engagement was so much higher when the topic was sex — and the crazier, the better!

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